Office of the Commissioner

State Bank Commissioner
Robert A. Glen ( Biography )

Senior Deputy Bank Commissioner
Lisa W. Collison ( Biography )

Deputy Bank Commissioner
Christopher L. Hall ( Biography )


Tax Auditor III
Florence A. Jones

Senior Accountant
Lynn O. Knoll

Administrative Specialist II
Nicole A. Martucci

Depository Institutions and Examinations

Review Examiner
Carrie J. D. Garey

Chief Bank Examiner
Peter M. Retzlaff
Lori L. Stevens

Bank Examiner IV
Daniel P. Barclay
Meredith R. B. Zeigler

Bank Examiner III
Sulman P. Gill

Bank Examiner II
Matthew K. Knight
Justin R. Laznik

Bank Examiner I
Keiasha B. Ephraim
Vincent B. Picano
Jessica L. Thomas
Jeremy W. Wilkinson

Administrative Specialist II
Eva M. Wilson

License Examinations

Review Examiner
Carol A. Kirby

Non-Depository Institutions and Compliance

Investigative Supervisor
Bonnie J. Wright

License Investigator III
Corinne G. Warren

License Investigator II
Joni L. Couch
Tashana E. Smith
Della D. Stokes
Diana D. Wells

License Investigator I
Melissa M. Beck

Administrative Specialist II