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License Renewals

Cashing of Checks, Drafts, or Money Orders Renewal Application Licensed Lender Renewal Application Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Renewal Application Preneed Funeral Contract Renewal Application Transportation of Money and Valuables Renewal Application Exemption Applications Licensed Lender Exemption Renewal Application Check Seller and Money Transmitter Exemption Renewal Application

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Licensed Lenders

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Licensed Lender in Delaware. We have included links to the following documents for your convenience. You may print the application and return it to the Office of the State Bank Commissioner with the appropriate documents. The Delaware Code is available to help answer any questions you may […]

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Licensed Non-Depository Institutions

Below are listings of our Licensed Non-Depository Institutions. The listings will be updated on a weekly basis. Note: Hold down CTRL and press the F key to search after opening a listed link.

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