The Office of the State Bank Commissioner was established in 1919. The State Bank Commissioner is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Delaware State Senate to serve a four-year term. The Commissioner is responsible for administering and enforcing all the provisions of the State Banking Code, Title 5 of the Delaware Code. The Office of the State Bank Commissioner is staffed by approximately 35 State employees who serve the public interest by:

  • Maintaining a strong financial services industry;
  • Chartering state banks and trust companies and regulating them to ensure their safety and soundness;
  • Licensing non-depository institutions, including mortgage loan brokers, licensed lenders, mortgage loan originators, check sellers, money transmitters, check cashers, motor vehicle sales finance companies, money transporters, business and industrial development corporations and preneed funeral contract providers, and examining them for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations;
  • Responding to consumer questions and complaints about regulated financial institutions;
  • Administering the bank franchise tax, which covers all banking organizations and trust companies operating in the State, and providing revenue estimates to the Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) for state budgetary purposes;
  • Developing proposed laws and implementing effective and efficient regulations to keep Delaware's economic environment attractive to the financial services industry;
  • Providing consumer education for all residents of Delaware to improve their understanding of financial services.