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Office of the
State Bank Commissioner

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Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing Help

[collapsibles] [collapse title=”What are the fees for Mortgage Loan Originators?” active=”true”] An applicant for a mortgage loan originator license must pay an investigation fee of $250 and an NMLS processing fee of $30, through NMLS, at the time of application. If the application is approved the applicant pays a licensing fee of $250 directly to […]

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Licensing Help

[collapsibles] [collapse title=”What types of licenses are available?” active=”true”] The non-depository licensing area issues the following types of licenses: Mortgage Loan Broker – Governed by Chapter 21, Title 5 of the Delaware Code, includes anyone who, with the expectation of compensation, offers to find lenders for borrowers, arranges terms, processes application packages (or arranges for […]

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Tax Help

[collapsibles] [collapse title=”Who pays the bank franchise tax?” active=”true”] The bank franchise tax is imposed on banking organizations, trust companies and out of state federal savings banks with branches in Delaware. Chapter 1, ยง 101(4) of Title 5 of the Delaware Code defines “banking organization” as: “a. A bank or bank and trust company organized […]

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Consumer Complaint Help

[collapsibles] [collapse title=”How can I file a complaint with the Office of the State Bank Commissioner?” active=”true”] If possible, you should first telephone our Compliance area and discuss the problem with one of our representatives. We can be reached through our general telephone number, (302)-739-4235, or call the State of Delaware Helpline, (800) 464-4357, and […]

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Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing

Approved Delaware Mortgage Loan Originators General Information Definitions Delaware Bank Commissioner’s Regulation No. 2401 Delaware Code Exemptions Help MLO Surety Bond Coverage MLO Surety Bond Form National Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008

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